Everybody is amazed by Netflix TV Series Wednesday and I can confirm that it’s justified.

This TV series is a bit different, a bit odd, but that kind of odd that we didn’t expect.

Let’s say this clearly, this TV series is not for anybody below 12 years old (as per rating), and not because of the content but more about the dialogues and the context, catching in many times on sarcasm which is without a doubt hard to understand for kids. Some adults will struggle to understand some bits. It starts with the piranha scene and goes further and further right to the end.

My daughter (10 years old) didn’t catch things that made me and my wife laugh, no surprise. I don’t think anybody younger will do. That’s not all. There are plenty of high-end dialogues that are very refined and curated for an adult audience.

Even if you managed to go through the first season, even if you don’t understand half of the dialogues, you can still cherish this essence of the music experience with a deep touch. Like a Wednesday scene with a cello on the rooftop and Vivaldi Four Seasons: Winter followed by sentimental Nothing Else Matters version by Apocalyptica on other one.

The show is, back to the top spot of Netflix shows for the third time, and I don’t doubt why. The show deserves it and definitely, and everybody will look for Season 2. Sometimes we need some grim humour with a horror story behind it.

I have been quite sceptical about the show and all the fame that it gains. I expect that the show will be different, scratching the surface of Stranger Things and other this type of shows, but no, the show is indeed different, a good different.

It’s a less scary move and more something, that it’s hard for me to explain. It is much deeper and unique in its way. The term “comedy horror” doesn’t sound right either, even though you can say it’s “fun”.

Wednesday is a huge achievement but also the requirement to keep it going. The bar is set very high and everybody will expect nothing less in the next season… if ever. Of course, if interested parties finally settle who will air and when.

This is how the show shall be made of. It doesn’t need to catch your attention from the beginning, but if it does, it will suck you and take all your blood and replace it with the grim taste of Beetlejuice.

As you think that you sort the whole story after one episode there is twist after twist, so in the end, you think you know, but you don’t.

Can you say “I knew it” at the end? I wasn’t and this is why it holds you till the last episode.

We sometimes need to be that smart, sarcastic and a little dead inside to survive in this world – be like Wednesday.