About Me

I am a Polish-born, naturalised British citizen.

My native language is Polish, this is why my main website (without /en) is written in Polish, however, I decided to create a section of my website that will carry text written in English.

I am writing in a specific way. Years of learning of the English language, which in Poland is mostly a mixture of American English approach, cause some hick-ups when I moved permanently to the United Kingdom years ago.

Despite continual development, I am making and will make mistakes while writing and that hopefully will improve over time.

There is something that I need to start with, so hopefully what I write will find its wider audience.

Will see how this will evolve.

Remember, I don’t care about your opinion if you decided to criticise me, my writing, myself. Unless your criticism is constructive and topic-based way, don’t bother, as you will be muted. If you don’t like that, head here .

Do you read in Polish? Head into my polish section About Me where you will understand my polish writing approach.

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