About Me

Dariusz Więckiewicz

Professionally Quality Manager in the construction company, Master of Science in Engineering (MSc Eng). Privately father of two, husband, karate-ka 🥋 (ダリユシュ) at AKASHI (2nd dan), self-taught web developer, IT support person and blogger. British and Polish national living in Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Read more on LinkedIn.

Private life

I am a Polish-born, naturalised British citizen living in the UK.

Father of two, a daughter Anna and son Edmund (gifted with his special abilities).

When not working or spending time with my family, I am training Shotokan Karate at Akashi Shotokan Karate Association (in short, Akashi or ASKA) and currently at my 2nd dan grade.

In some extra time, I am helping people with their IT struggles and building websites. I become an enthusiast of SSG (Static Site Generators) like Hugo and have full control of your own content using markdown files.


My native language is Polish, this is why my main website (without /en) is written in Polish, however, I decided to create a section of my website that will carry text written in English.

As you will notice, I am writing in a specific way. I am not biased and before I recommend something to someone I need to try it first and agree with it.

Everything is changing so am I. I may recommend something today and in a couple of years change it. This is how life works. Sticking with one solution, without trying something new is not the way how we evolve.

IT Support

Despite not having1 formally recognised IT knowledge, plenty of people including my employer can say a lot about my skills in that matter. I helped many over two decades and I am constantly developing myself to be on top of the current technology.

I know, that officially recognised skills are in value, so I:

  • Hold ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) Core Certificate (08/2010) that covers
    • Concepts of Information Technology (IT)
    • Using the Computer and Managing Files
    • Word Processing
    • Spreadsheets
    • Databases
    • Presentation
    • Information and Communication

I am good with Windows, macOS and Linux. From my various posts, you may see how I utilised the linux environment on various devices including routers or Raspberry Pi. Depending on what I need to do, there is always a way of doing it. You just need to like “tinkering”, like I am, and you can achieve marvellous things.

Have you got a problem with computers, hardware or software? I am a person who can share a lot of knowledge in that matter and can support you in person or remotely.

As I am coming from Polish background where money was (still are) not as easy to earn, I like to utilise free services as much as possible and for as long as possible. This aspect includes hardware. If something (laptop for example) is a couple of years old, with a little upgrade, can still serve following years, why not try?

Feel free to contact me to discuss what I can do for you.

Be aware that I am a very busy person. My family need to come first, and then karate. After all of that (and work commitments) I can find some time for you, so be patient.

Web Development

I am a self-taught web developer. Started my experience in the late 1990s when I go through creating websites using as simple tools as notepad. I used Microsoft FrontPage as well, which was a big mistake. After coming back to basics I go through CMS like WordPress and work in it on various projects since 2006. In 2021 I migrated all remaining WordPress sites to Hugo banishing them from my portfolio altogether (no regrets!).

My current (active) portfolio includes:

Despite not having formally recognised Web Development knowledge, apart from the websites that I built, I am still expanding my skills in various ways.

I am currently working on some Coursers and Certifications, as I know, that there are still people who value them and it gives them greater confidence before they put their faith into someone’s hand.

My skills cover HTML, CSS, Basics of JavaScript (I can build JavaScript calculators with HTML forms like I did for example here or use and modify scripts that are already in place). Can work with PHP and SQL and implement all of this together can create something very useful.

For example:

Together with my IT skills I managed to build for my employer a set of Digital Boards that take information from the PostgreSQL database, work it through formulas and using web development skills display it in a friendly format for use by our warehouse and sales staff. This all is working live in cooperation with the company internal system for managing stock and sales activities.

I may not know how to do something now, but that doesn’t mean that I will not want to learn how to get this done.

Always looking forward to developing something new and making further use of my web development skills. Constantly working on improvement, of mine and others’ websites by implementing the latest solutions to them.

Are you looking for web development? Contact me and we can discuss what I can do for you.



At least once a week I receive an email from LinkedIn (or other social media), that somebody is asking to add me to their contacts, friend list or network.

I am open to cooperation in IT and Web Development. If you got a problem with your computer, software, hardware, I may offer you a helping hand, however, the answer for the above paragraph is no, and here is why.

If I don’t know you, I haven’t exchanged even a word with you, please don’t send me an invite to connect. Let’s contact in other ways first and see how it’s going.

Most of the requests I got are from fasteners manufacturers and salespeople. To this group now I can add various advertising companies and recruitments firms who want to offer services for my employer and its nothing to do with me.

Because I am QM in the fasteners industry that doesn’t mean that I want to connect with everybody in the industry. There are other people in the company who are involved in various aspects of the business.

If you reading this page, don’t try to contact me to sell services to my employer.

In relation to my blog

If you decided to criticise me, my writing, myself, don’t bother, unless your criticism is constructive and topic-based. I am open to discussion and even cooperation. Use the comments form located under each post if you want to add your bits to it.

Do you read in Polish? Head into my polish section of About Me.

  1. ECDL [European Computer Driving Licence] Core Certificate ↩︎