2022 and New Year Wishes for 2023

Ukraine, Energy, Inflation and Pay. That’s how we can summarise the whole year of 2022. Here are my wishes for 2023 for you.


This year run fast, really fast. We barely started and it was supposed to be a glorious time when we start recovering from COVID times but in the end, now we know it wasn’t.

We started with the idiot Putin who decided to invade Ukraine. Then we go through energy prices hike and threats to everybody before winter. Inflation (price rises) hit everybody and by the end of it justified strikes of mail and health service workers.

The people in power instead of solving problems steal as much as they can. In the end, they will be blaming others for their actions, how convenient.

Let’s put this all behind us (apart from Peace for Ukraine) and try to start fresh. Let’s start 2023 as a year for recovery in a wide aspect of that meaning.


There are so many things that we can do.
There are so many things that we can learn.

We always got so many promises for ourselves to do in the new year, knowing that many of them we didn’t accomplish in the passing one.

Life is unpredictable. If you set million of goals for yourself and you achieve them through the year, you are or very lucky person or you sacrifice something bigger to achieve them.

Sometimes it’s worth it to risk and thrive, but in many cases, we need to stop and look back to see what’s more important in our life.

I got my ideas for new year goals, but I keep following them with the three most important on top of my list.


I could not achieve many of my life goals without my wife, kids and other people close to me. Sometimes I need to decide to give up and sacrifice my goals to make sure that my family is always fulfilled.

Without family, there may be no further goals and the road of life may become more challenging. Let’s remember, that there is nothing more important for us than the person who is close to us, who understands us, who shares our passion or who guides us through a difficult time.

This doesn’t necessarily need to be a “family” (in that meaning), but the person, who cares about us, who will be close to the term of “family”, that we shall treat them like that.

I am lucky enough to have my best friend on my side, my wife.

We can annoy each other face to face but we got our backs all the time when life is challenging us.

I wish many people would experience this in their life. Instead of criticising our other half behind their back, they would listen to themselves and threaten themselves as best friends. Friends don’t put themselves down behind backs, they embrace themselves and their friendship.

I wish that people will understand that family is the most valuable asset that we should cherish. In the new year, we shall look at that as the main thing on the goal list.

Financial stability

Then we go to my second thing, which relates directly to the first (family), which is financial stability and is nothing about being rich.

We don’t need to be rich to achieve our life goals. Money helps, but never solves problems.

If we can earn enough to make sure that our family is financially secure with options for the future, that’s all that is needed.

We all would like to earn a lot, but there is nothing better than financial stability and the security of our lives and our family.

If we can secure financial aspects and our family, then we can achieve other goals in life.

These two life priorities, when secured, are opening the doors to all possibilities that we may face. Our goals, which we never thought we can achieve, suddenly will be within reach.

Things we love

We all shall have something that we love to do, that we can afford to do and that our family is behind us supporting us in it.

A hobby is a huge part of our live to achieve self-esteem. Self-realisation with the support of close ones is the key to a good life.

We may be poor but rich at the same time.

Being rich by having somebody on our side will work better than winning the lottery.

I would like never to be rich if this could jeopardise what I already have.

I wish that people will understand that, that we shall look to be a better person to ourselves and others rather than to be rich and disconnected from reality like so many people recently.

We all shall have a passion that we follow.

Based on these things, I am wishing you and your family to be together, financially secure and fulfilled in self-realisation in the thing you love.

And of course… world peace.