Cookies Policy

…and even that I don’t need to write the, I will..

Does my site use cookies?

Answer is Yes: Probably Yes… I don’t know… I’m not bothered about that.

My site is based on Wordpress Hugo and is generated in the static form of HTML page.

I know that cookies are and will be present and will be used for analysis who is visiting my website (or to serve Ads) or to remember user preferences in regards to my website theme (dark or light).

Because of some stupid idea of some clerks, that through law forcing us to put junk into our websites (cookie notice), I need to write what you reading right now.

There is paranoia everywhere… and the cookie monster is watching. Dear visitor - be advised! Cookies are and will be present if you like them or not.

If you got a paranoia, same as people who created cookies law, read some more about them here!

Remember! Cookie monster needs cookies to live. Don’t be surprised, that if he stops eating them, his fluffy fur will start losing its glance and everything that we would like on our website to work suddenly will start breaking apart.

~ postscriptum ~

To what other purposes cookies are used on my website - I don’t know and I don’t really bother.

This is my blog, my website and I don’t want visitors to feel unwanted. I don’t have any hidden goals and not using cookies for my own goal.

~ memorandum ~

To our MEP’s I would advise legalising marihuana and smoke a joint after boring meetings in European Parliament. After that, probably your life will gain some colours and people will don’t bother with some stupid everyday things. Maybe this is the way that shall be.


  1. Cookie (Fot. Flickr, lic. CC by Michael Verhoef) ↩︎