A short story about life

We are living in a world that feeds us and looks after us but also kills us.

The air that we breathe gives us life and the same air is killing us slowly.

We destroying our planet so it can destroy us much quicker.

We are like viruses and mother Earth is creating new things to kill us. It needs to kill us so we don’t kill her first.

We need to die so the planet could live.

It survived millions of years and killed millions of species that threaten it.

We are more resilient and we are in billions, like flies, but still, we are very weak.

We call ourselves an intelligent species but we are so dumb in preventing the inevitable. Our certain extinction.

If you ever tried gardening and if you look at how much this planet is giving us, and how little we giving it back, you will be mind blown.

From one seed we get a whole plant with a fruit that feeds us.

The planet is more self-sustainable than we are. We thinking about sustainability but we don’t have an idea what’s that. We cannot learn from the past so how we will know now and in the future?

Among our species, some see, that we are just a tiny part of the universe. They know that our species need to adapt and change the way how we cherish our life as a guest on a piece of rock called earth.

Sadly, rarely does anybody is listening to them and we keep doing our devastation and sealing our fate.

Not only we killing each other, but we killing our piece of stardust created in our part of the universe.

From generation to generation we become tougher yet weaker - still dumb.

We are doomed, but we cannot acknowledge it yet.

We will try to survive for a further hundred years until we decide to kill another piece of stardust far away from our own leaving this old rock to die or to be reborn itself without us in another billion years.

We haven’t been created by the all-mighty like some can praise. We have been created from the same dust as our rock which we stamp every single day. To the same dust, we turning from generation to generation.

We may not remember the times of the supernova. We may vaguely remember, through all the rumours passed from ear to ear and mouth to mouth, that there was a species that starts the path towards the inevitable.

If we just could stop for a minute and look at what we doing, we could find that we are the plague that infested the third planet from the sun.

Nobody will be surprised to discover, that the other planets in our solar system are just leftovers from our ancestors who destroy them before our time come. It’s time for us to destroy the last dying star.

But nothing is lost in the universe. As we try to defend ourselves, the stardust is constantly trying to do the same.

Like somebody said, “what doesn’t kill us… will mutate and try again”.

Every single day we find a new way to do the same so let’s don’t think that mother nature is not participating in a war called life.