Milestone reached - 40

I survived!

I should be proud that I reached 40. Some people, some of my friends, will not be able to say that.

It doesn’t matter what’s in the past, we are here and now and we moving forward hoping to change the world for the better.

I reached half of my lifetime, or at least I hope so. I would be very grateful if in further 40 years my mind will still be here and I will be able to see how the world changed.

So far I learned a lot, and even more, I will learn in the future.

What I know already, at this age, I want to share with you.

Don’t waste time on fake friends

Life is too short. Friends shall “lift” you, not put you down.

Your friends from 10 years ago don’t necessarily need to be your friends today. Life changes and people’s perception of the world with it. Find your people, your tribe, your real friends.

Have a sit, reflex and look around you. See who is there for you when you need them and who is only there when they need something from you.

Friendship is not a give-and-take relationship. Being present for the other person when they need the most is what is important.

Know who is your true friend

Remember who is here for you. The word friend is a very powerful word. Calling somebody a friend doesn’t always have that same meaning from one person to another and adding somebody to a friend list doesn’t necessarily mean that you are friends. You know each other, but you are far away from being friends.

Your closest friend is your family. My other half, my wife, is my dear friend, my best friend! This connection is slightly different, much deeper.

If you looking into the meaning of friend, look outside of your family.

See, who you can call in the middle of the night and who will answer your call. Who, when you call, will spend hours talking to you just to make sure everything is ok. You may not talk with each other every single day, but when you fill the need to say “hi”, without any other reason behind it, that is something more. That’s friendship.

Being a friend is not only about being for other people, it’s the feeling when you are with that person or when you talk about that person or even think about it.

Identify your friends.

When you meet with your friend, when you talk with them, you shall feel light. Your soul shall feel lifted and your purpose as a person shall be filled with the feeling of fulfilment.

Avoid friends who drain your life energy. Our life is too short to waste it on them. Move along and find true friends.

Somebody may feel touched that suddenly you are not for them. I hope that if they look back, they will understand that they were not for us, they were not our friends.

Your friend will be for you. It doesn’t need to be here every time, but always when they are, you have this filling inside. It changes you, it brings optimism and joy to your soul.

Remember who is your friend.

I, as a friend, will not say nonsense just to make you hear what you want to hear. As a friend, I can tell you straight to your face what I don’t like about you. We may have an exchange of arguments, but we always value each other’s opinions. Not necessarily need to agree with it, but we value it.

Somebody said this important sentence.

“The true friend will tell you what they think about you, in your face, and not behind your back!” Let’s remember that!

Young mind in an old body

At the age of 40 I know one thing, I may be 40, but my mind feels like I have been in my 20s all the time.

I haven’t grown up.

Inside I am a child, mature, but still a child.

I learned how to coexist in the adult world, but inside I would like to make a funny thing, be silly. Only my body reminds me that I am not as young as I feel and then I feel it… deeply.

But, sometimes is good to be like that. Having a young soul in an old person’s body can help others when they need it the most.

We don’t know everything

We are not experts in everything but in the profession that we doing. We try to be the best and we don’t like to show weakness, especially in the lack of knowledge.

I understand that well. After I graduate from University I thought that I knew everything and I would not admit that something that I think is right can be wrong. I thought that this will show my weakness.

Right now, I am not afraid to say, that I don’t know. I know my value and know what knowledge I have. Some people can be better than me at something, and they always will be. The young generation will know more about the future than I know right now. I don’t need always to be right.

I can get involved in a discussion about something that I am not an expert on, but to the point where my knowledge is exhausted, I will stop and say that I don’t know.

I will say, or at least I will try to say that I don’t know.

It’s not easy and it hurt inside to admit to our weaknesses, but at least we do not pretend.

Rather than trying to spread gossip, or even worse, create them with our little minds, let’s admit that we are not experts in everything.

Lying is a short-term solution.

If you don’t know something, admit that, but don’t finish at this point. Try to learn and gain knowledge, so next time you can share it with others.

We need to remember that at our age, there will be more and more people who knew more than we are. We are not able to learn anything and we need to admit that. We will not like it, but that’s life.

We have been born without knowledge and when the time comes we (hopefully) understand, that we still don’t know everything.

My only wish for myself is to reach another milestone and be this old, grumpy guy, who’s making everybody as proud as embarrassed at the same time.

I only hope that life will allow me for that.