iPhone Ringtone Converter for Mac

Some time ago I prepared a simple iPhone Ringtone Converter for Windows. This time it was a time for a modification na preparation version for macOS.

A bit from previous text:

The conversion from MP3 to M4A and later change of file extension to M4R is not something difficult for myself, however less experienced users this can be challenging.

Because of that, using various methods, I decided to prepare something, that till be working on just dropping MP3 file and double-click on specified file to ret in a short moment ready ringtone for use on our phone.

I have prepared couple COMMAND files and used for this purpose FFmpeg converter. This is the final product from my work.

Don’t worry! Whole method is based on single click on the init.command file.

iPhone Ringtone Converter
Version 1.00 @ 2300-111214

Change Log:

  • 1.00 - Main version

How to use:

Download 7z file (links below) and unpack it (If you don’t have proper software, go there)

Put all your MP3 files into the main directory with other files. They may be longer than 30 seconds, later they will be cut to meet this requirement.

When MP3 files are in, double-click on the init.command file.

When converted, your ringtone files will be in the RINGTONE folder.

Just in case you want to hold original MP3 files, they will be placed in the TMP_MP3 folder. If you don’t need them, just delete it.

Run iTunes and add the RINGTONE folder to your collection. They will be automatically detected as a ringtones. Right now, simply drag and drop it to the connected iPhone or enable automatic synchronisation.

Any problems, just ask.

If you have a problem with running init.command file, right click on ffmpeg and select Open in Terminal (doing this just once). We will get informed that the file is not from a trusted developer (do not worry!) - click Open and close the terminal. Next, run our init.command in the same method, by right click and selecting Open in Terminal. Once again, on the warning message select Open.

Thank you for FFmpeg Binary for Mac for binaries and makers of FFmpeg project.