Father-Daughter challenge on 100 words

My daughter Anna book worm. She likes to read and from time to time writes on her own. Her creations can be found on anna.wieckiewicz.org website.

She participates in some YoungWriters.co.uk competitions and wherever there is a possibility I trying to encourage her to participate.

This time through the June newsletter I try to engage her in Ele Fountain, Writing Challenge & Giveaway.

Ele Fountain – Writing Challenge & Giveaway – YoungWriters.co.uk

The challenge was to encourage a child to write a mini-saga (a story told in 100 words) using the story starter from Ele Fountain:

‘I pressed the light switch, but nothing happened –
seconds later, the television screen went blank.’

To make it more challenging, I compete with her. I told her that I will write my story and she will write to her. She like that.

Here is my story called “A dream”.

A dream

“I pressed the light switch, but nothing happened -

Seconds later, the television screen went blank.”

The glowing unicorn starts bouncing around the garden,

Would like to see it, but the curtains didn’t let me.

The clock showed midnight and start talking to me in a funny voice…

Tried to listen, but couldn’t hear a thing as my head was filled with music.

The music keeps growing in me and felt my feet start floating.

Sparks appeared from the corners of the room -

Bang! My body landed on a bed and my face become wet.

My dog start licking my face and said to me… Good Morning!

Anna’s story can be found on her website anna.wieckiewicz.org/writing/zombie-apocalypse, and was submitted to the competition. Hope you will like it the same as I have.