How's Brexit going lads?

It was all about immigration. It was all about controlling our borders.

bollocks, bollocks, bollocks…

How is it going brexiteers when you need cheap labour for simple jobs and you will not get away with a £10 per hour rate?

I remember my first payslip when I came to the United Kingdom in late 2010. The minimum wage was £5.80, and, despite that this was just enough, people somehow live and cooperate.

The country had already begun its destruction path under the Tory government. The minimum wage was heading towards the limits of affordability value for British businesses. The businesses, who cannot afford that, especially now, before winter and in time of energy crisis.

Rising wages it’s not a solution when other things raise at a faster pace. We are getting poorer from day to day and it will not look better under another rubbish PM that this country will face under the Tory charge.

A lot of British people were annoyed when borders were fully opened for people from countries like Poland (and Romania etc.). When the requirement of the Work Registration Scheme was scrapped for them, they all blamed them for the difficulties that British-born facing in the job market.

It’s a different story now when we would like to have this cheap labour to help and ease inflation.

Don’t listen to stories saying that immigrants come to this country to claim benefits. Benefits were the last thing that they had been thinking about. The first was to get a safe place to settle, find a job and start building up and living in the United Kingdom.

If on that road we become entitled to benefits, in the same way as British people, then that’s not a fault of us, individuals, but the generosity of the system. Remember, we want to be equal. Equal treatment of British people and foreigners working here and paying taxes means that this equality was in everything, including the benefits system.

We have never been treated the same. There were always hurdles like fluidity in speaking in other languages and biased thinking about a person based on his/her nationality.

Before any actions, the new generations of people shall be properly educated about the past.

Nobody from the current middle-aged generation remembers why the European Union was created and what was the reason behind joining the block by the United Kingdom in 1973. I even haven’t been born at that time, hence I doubt that anybody at the productive age knew what was all about.

The same people who don’t know the history just need a bunch of clowns, from which one becomes the PM, to encourage people with their biased reasons to put shit into their afternoon tea.

If they just could tell the people, that when you stir it, the smell may go away, but the shit taste remains.

To remove this, let’s get some Europeans to help Britain in need. Like encouraging them to come to Britain for three months, the months when all would like to spend with their families, to clean the shit for us. That was the case before last Christmas and all mighty clowns were surprised why they didn’t come.

Right now for a Polish person to come, settle, live and work in peace here in the UK, one needs to apply for a Visa. The visa is just another hurdle put forward and the laughing requirement of a minimum annual wage set at £25,600 is like laughing even further.

I am a skilled worker and when I come here I didn’t bother to get any job to make sure I can be independent and leave without worrying about the money for everyday expenses.

At the time I haven’t even dreamed about such high earnings. I earn maybe 10-20% more than minimum wage at the time, exactly like many other British-born people and I do my job at the top level, if not better!

Times fly and through my personal development and work experience, supported by my love on my side, I managed to get to a better level than when I come here to live.

I come to Britain to live, settle, have a family and eventually become a British citizen. I accomplished all this in a matter of 12 years. If today I would like to apply for a work visa in the United Kingdom, even with my experience, skills and all that I can offer, I doubt that any UK-based employee would offer a Polish guy (in Poland) the wage, that they cannot offer to people living here.

At the time when the border was open, employees have been worried a bit when hiring foreigners in a higher position in the company as they knew, that they may at some point decide to go back to their country. This wasn’t the idea for me, as I chose the United Kingdom as a place to live and stay. If not for this, there are other countries in the world to choose from, but I never thought to go back.

With visa hurdles, it’s even worse. Which UK employer will risk so much and don’t be sure if that person will stay? Their visa may be revoked and what then? All the training and investments into this employee will go for nothing. If I would like to hire somebody for the long term I would never risk it to hire a foreigner in the first place.

I always thought that the minimum wage was rising at a pace way higher than businesses can handle. We are currently at £9.50 (+63% from 2010, far exceeding summarised inflation over that period) with a proposition to £10.01 from next year.

With the current cost of living crisis, I may understand that, however, that’s not the way to stop the crisis that we are currently in.

I appreciate the introduction of a living wage, the real equivalent of earning to the cost of living. Transparency between big companies and disparity in the minimum wage to living wage between employees will say a lot about them.

What we all forget, these people, who are not on minimum wage will rarely see an increase in wage in the range of 6.6% like this change that has been made between 2021 and 2022 for those on a low income.

If the Brexit would work (it wasn’t ever designed to work in the first place!) we should be a Cayman Islands right now. With the current cost of living and raising wages, we are going into a dangerous path when all will crash at once. With Tory in power till at least January 2025, we will be given a golden goose to blind our eyesight to what’s coming.

Whoever will come to power, after Tory, will be the worst party for people ever.

United Kingdom’s national debt is £2,382.8 billion compared to £294.27 billion of Polish debt.

Poland is currently governed by sociopaths and racists where rich people get richer and poorer poorest, but still there (without) law and (without) order party got plenty of billions of pounds to steal before anybody will raise a concern.

People forget that this debt is our debt. Sooner or later this need to be repaid. To get this done there needs to be cuts introduced in every aspect of our life. This is why, whoever will come into power in 2025, it’s already doomed by society.

There are over 66.84 million people in the UK (as of 2019) which means each of us owns the country £35,649 at the start of our life. Can you imagine that?

Taking this into consideration, right now look at the 20% tax that is taken from our wages each month and companies like Amazon UK with a profit range of £204 million receiving another £1 million of UK tax credit adding to the already awarded £850 million!

Rich people will still get richer and poor people will need to work and give away their money to pay for their private parties once they laugh behind our backs.

Like this clown advising us to invest in the new kettle to reduce our electricity bill by £10 a year. Energy efficient kettle costs on average £35 and its life span doesn’t exceed 4-5 years (of the good one), so don’t be fooled by the savings.

It would be better if he would just shut up or rather say “Some of you may die, but it’s a sacrifice I am Willing to Make” when families will face bills this winter that they cannot afford to pay.

That’s the difference between the people who are disconnected from the reality of the ordinary people but who (pretend to) “know” what low-income families are facing. They will carry out their strategy of offering benefits and at the same time blindfolding society when other costs will increase.

Do you remember getting £150 off your council tax rebate from which you will not see a penny, as this was already taken by the council and other tax increases?

We need a change, but I think we, the people are too afraid of doing this.