Enough is enough. Bye Twitter.

After reading today’s Guardian post about Twitter abruptly dissolves safety council moments before meeting followed by continuously growing hate speech on the platform I decided that I got enough.

I don’t have time to deal with this anymore. All these things going on around Twitter are only causing more and more anxiety which negatively impacts my mental health.

Similarly, I reduced my interactions on Facebook years back, this is similar, but as long as I delayed this, thinking that there may be something positive still, I was wrong. The only good thing is to leave this toxic place.

There are more important things in the world, like family than bothering a guy with problems (and a big ego), who thinks that money can buy everything.

This guy, whose name is not worth mentioning, thinks that he can behave however he wants, only because he got money and power.

Disrespecting people, and their opinions, crushing their lives and allowing the spread of violence and hate speech is enough for me.

Whatever he saying is not worth as much as a long-term weather forecast. I would not pay a penny for it. He said that he will not block somebody’s account then he blocked out of the blue. He has been saying that the thug will not be allowed back, and then he is back. Pathetic!

I tough about Twitter as a place where information prevails, but now I feel ashamed to be a part of this platform since he took over and put mud on the table.

There are so many people there who still think that there may be a chance for this platform. I have this hope as well since he took over but now I think it is just another dead bird.

I agree with Nicolas Magand who said most politely, that he is dangerous.

In the past, I tough that this guy’s achievements can be praised, but after learning the truth, that none of them is his, I changed my vision about him drastically. He is simply a con man.

He is a bad seed like Coca-Cola man was for Apple in the past. When people realised that, it was too late.

Luckily, some companies have been able to bounce back but I am unsure now that Twitter will be able to.

Some mention that Twitter will lose 32m users in two years after his takeover and I will not be surprised if that happens.

Going back a couple of months, when I visited, with my daughter, a couple of high schools to help her make the right decision for the future, it struck me on some of them have in their goals that they will help a child to create their own Twitter account.

This was before this guy’s takeover, so this wasn’t as scary as it is now. I only hope that in the current situation schools will rethink putting this type of social media into their curriculum.

I look forward to seeing how schools, places where respect shall be promoted, will react on a portal, where respect is fading and hate is rising.

If needed, as a parent, I will initiate an open letter to the headteacher to highlight why this portal shall not be considered in a place like a school, where values shall matter.

I am saying goodbye from Twitter but that doesn’t mean I will not return in future if things return to normal, or if I will be forced to return…

I can still be contacted in plenty of ways but for now, Twitter will not be one of them.

Let’s finish this short post on text from Forbes Don’t Let Social Media Destroy Your Wellbeing

“Social media (…) can overwhelm you with bad news, take you away from connections in real life and result in depression, anxiety and even burnout.”

If any social media, not only Twitter, causes you to feel worse each day, it’s time to disconnect from it for good. Some so many young people taking their own lives because of that is scary. Disconnection is not easy, but sometimes necessary and can be in matter of life or death.

~ post scriptum ~

I still got some accounts that I follow on Twitter and I would like not to lose them. I would like to read what interesting things they got in their mind, especially when Twitter is their main platform. However, I don’t want to be a part of Twitter’s sickening society, so for that purpose, I am using Nitter and adding through this website people who I am still watching into my RSS reader.

In the past, I wrote a text about Why RSS still matters in 2021?. Now I see how by the end of 2022 RSS becoming a tool to stand on guard for our privacy and mental health.