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Do you know there is no such thing as a lifetime? I am not talking here about human life but a lifetime of material things, like a subscription to a service or even a warranty.

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When a warranty is not worth the hassle
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When you buy Solid State Drive (SDD) the last thing is to have your drive fail and all files are lost.

With SSD is not as easy to restore anything as it could be with mechanical drives. If they fail it’s rarely anybody will bother to fix it, and most companies will just give you a new drive if it’s still on warranty.

Don’t expect any money back or help in the restoration of your files from faulty drives. None of the warranty covers that from any manufacturers - end of the story.

However, in this rare instance of failure, you expect swift action without any hassle and any extra cost for yourself. You already have a big (unrectified) cost for losing all your data so why to get another one?

And here the problem occurs.