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I decided to move yet another website from WordPress to Hugo. This time the website has much more traffic than any other “of mines” (the ones that I am managing).

The main reason was speed (but also recent discussion about the environment and impact of technologies on it).

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From WordPress lover to WordPress hater
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Since I migrated my personal blog to Hugo, I dusted off my knowledge for HTML and CSS. It’s like been back in 2008, with some extra magic available.

When WordPress starts been popular, I been using it on every project. Luckily, that’s not a case anymore.

Migrating business site from Namesco to SiteGround
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For over a couple years my employers website been served from shared hosting solution on Namesco. On recent years however, we feel that we been left behind. It started with just PHP, where we stick with the 7.3 version without not plan to go into 7.4 and not thinking even with 8.0. Until significant issues with performance of the servers (where even Customer Support couldn’t help without persuading you to migrate to dedicated servers), it was time to think what’s next.