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Recently, I had to put into use a computer that was delivered with Windows 11 Home version by default. Since I need the professional version in the environment where I need to use it, I decided to upgrade it.

Once you have purchased the product key, the easiest method is to go to Settings > System > Activation and enter the Pro version key in the Change product key section.

Unfortunately, although I have used this method before on other computers, this time I received information that the product key provided cannot be used to upgrade the currently installed system.

I decided to check whether I would be able to upgrade Windows 11 from Home to Pro using the method of updating Windows 10 Home to Pro I described earlier.

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Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Pro
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Recently I had the opportunity to transfer data from one computer to another. Since the first one was already running Windows 10 in the latest version and everything worked perfectly (only the hardware was a bit lagging behind), I decided to clone the disk from the first one to the second one.

Using dd as a method (a little slow but effective) I ran the same system on the new hardware, with one difference. The target hardware was licensed with Windows 10 Pro compared to the old hardware with Windows 10 Home.

Therefore, I decided to do an upgrade.