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After five years interspersed with the pandemic and market instability, I flew to Poland to visit my loved ones.

A lot has changed since my last visit. My children need to be connected to the world to a much greater extent than in the past. Personally, I have also become accustomed to having the Internet at hand, always where I need it.

While in England most people with Wi-Fi at home have it at quite reasonable speeds, in Poland it varies depending on where you go.

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How to Switch Mobile Network in the United Kingdom
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Have you seen Sky Mobile’s “It’s not me, its you” ads on billboards lately?

Well, in recent weeks there has been quite a change to the benefit of consumers, especially mobile phone users.

Mobile phones are everyday life. In the UK, this sector is a huge business, especially since the island pays a little differently and you can afford slightly better phones on a monthly subscription.

Personally, I am not and never have been a supporter of subscriptions in the UK. Therefore, the introduction of the requirement of easy operator change and even easier number portability using only text messages (SMS) became something groundbreaking, so I decided to take a look at it.