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Recently, at work, we have faced an issue where we want to resurrect one of the old Excel files and we found out that, when a file on its own can be opened without any problem, some options, like Workbook Structure or individual Sheets been protected with a password.

The problem was that the person, who initially create the file, was no longer with the company and nobody knew what password was used. As we were able to open the file on its own, as it wasn’t protected, knowing about how XLSX files are constructed, I decided to use the brute method to remove restrictions.

Here’s how it goes…

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Microsoft 365 (SharePoint & OneDrive) backup for free with Raspberry Pi and Rclone
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When I started working for my employer, they used an on-site server and file storage with overnight backup to external drives. All been limited by the internet speed (which in England is quite crazy that business parks rarely got access to an inexpensive fibre connection, whereas at home you can have cheap Full Fibre), but when things change (or rather the company need to invest in change), we moved it into the cloud.

We chose Microsoft 365 as our provider.

Once the migration was completed and people were used to using the new way of accessing their files (which haven’t been different with the integration of the OneDrive app and Windows 10, apart from links to files), I needed to find a method, how to have a backup of all files in case of emergency (or accidental removal of important files by an employee).

Despite that Microsoft provides an option to restore files for a short period (typically 30 days), sometimes it may be too short and before you notice that files are missing it will be too late. It’s better to have a backup (even an old version of the file) than don’t have it at all.

Without going into costly online backup solutions I decided to build my backup system and I made it.

Maximise use of Microsoft 365 Business Basic license (formerly Office 365 Business Essentials)
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If you are looking for a good solution for emails and file storage for your business, independently how big or how small it is, the Microsoft 365 (was Office 365) is the best solution on the market. If you are not a big company, probably you don’t want to burden to many costs, the Microsoft 365 Business Basic (formerly Office 365 Essentials) is something that you shall look forward.

Even if your business is trying to migrate from on-premises Windows Server into the cloud, in most cases, you can achieve what you need for just £4.90 per month per user. The money well spent. Let me show you why.