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I am quite a tech-savvy person and I know how to spot fraud, and how to protect myself from losing money to fraudsters.

To my surprise, I recently discovered 3 unauthorised transactions on one of my credit cards which is issued by Barclaycard.

Because I am using this card to pay for my balance transfer and nothing else, I have been logging into the app only once a month to pay a part of it.

Just last month, when was time to pay it, I noticed that the outstanding balance was higher than what I calculated that I needed to repay. I have looked into a statement and noticed that for the last months, from September to November, each time on the 8th, I have been charged for Amazon Prime £8.99.

The funny thing is, that I already have Amazon Prime, for years, but I am paying it annually and not from Barclaycard. I don’t have Barclaycard added to my Amazon account.

Because these transactions are not displayed on my Amazon account, I haven’t been able to sort this out with Amazon itself and need to contact Barclaycard.

Before that, I raised claims about unauthorised transactions for all three transactions.

As a precaution, I cancelled my Barclaycard and requested a new one with a new number as I thought that with a new number, no more new transactions would happen. Below I will show how wrong I were in that assumption.

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Quidco - get your £5
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I have never been too convinced about websites that offer the so-called Cashback, i.e. partial refund of costs incurred for purchases from selected sellers. When I moved to Monzo, I started following their forum (community), reading the opinions of other users whether it works and if so, how much money can you get back on this by making purchases that you would do anyway.