What is the best time to start blogging?

If you’re thinking about sharing some of your thoughts or creations with the wider public, one of the good things is to start your website - a blog for example.

Initially, you may think that social media could do the job, but think about social media as a tool to promote your creation, not as a primary place for it. Always back up your stuff with something that is yours.

A blog, where you own the content is yours, not somebody else. On social media you don’t own stuff that you publish, social media companies did and they profit from it.

Also, not everybody likes social media. I particularly lost the sense of using Facebook and found Twitter as my new home for social interaction. Despite sharing stuff there, I try to keep my work, my things and my thoughts under my control. This is why I got my blog (primary) in Polish and this in English.

It is never too late to start blogging, but it is also never too early to do that either.

When I look into my childhood, where there were no computers at home, and the internet came a bit late I know that I lost plenty of my good creations.

When you are a kid, you create a lot of stuff. Same much as you create you destroy or throw away.

Some of these creations could be worth keeping.

It’s not possible to go back in time, but we can look forward, looking at our “creations”… our kids.

Our kids create magnificent things not even knowing about it. This is why it’s worth it for us, as adults, to preserve it.

Some parents are doing that in the manner of “book” that they gave to their child when they finish 18 years old. That’s one of the ways.

I decided to do this a bit different and worked with my daughter to create a website for her.

Website, a blog or a place that will show (and preserve) her journey through her creativity.

We worked on it for the last couple of months. Due to other life commitments, we did not manage to publish it as planned, when she finished 9 years old, but finally, we found a time for that.

Hope that this will allow her to stay creative and to share her views with wider recipients.

As for now, we work together, but I hope, when the time comes, she will be able to take it into her own hands.


I lunched my private website in 2008. Even though I don’t become much popular, I am happy with my creation and the number of visitors I am receiving. The visitors and positive feedback motivate me and assure, me that the content that I create is desired at least by some of them.

At least the knowledge that I put into it is not lost.

Our minds lose things every day. Also, some pieces of information are harder to find when we did not write them down. This is why I am primarily creating posts for myself as notes.

Plenty of times I am returning to them when I need to use some of the knowledge gathered there, so why not share it with others?

The numbers from website analytics show that there are people who appreciate the information I gathered here.

I live in England but I am primarily blogging in Polish. There is plenty of information that can be found in other languages, but not all can access them. When I struggle to find something, I know, that others will struggle even more. This is why, with my website, I am trying to give a helping hand and share the knowledge.

This is also helping me to maintain the language.

Some people will not appreciate that I got a different view on things that others assume as “normal” when it is not. But that’s how the society that we live in.

I hope, if you read a bit of my “creation”, it’s because you want it and not because you have been tricked into reading it by some “click bait” approach.

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