My thought about the HGV drivers shortage

Just a thought…

Politics blaming each other’s, but right now trying to blame European people, that they don’t want to come and help Britain in need.

Everybody forgets what was shown last year. Thousands of HGV trucks have been stuck in companies car parks as they were not needed. The world has been fighting with Covid so no such many goods have been moving around.

What do you all think happens to all these drivers whose trucks, their whole life, have been stuck in a car park? Don’t think they have all been put on a furlough scheme. Most of them faced uncertainty. Most of them suddenly lost their income. They have families that need to be fed, they have bills to pay. Nobody cares about that then… and suddenly they care about them now, when they are needed.

Many of them, when they can, changed their qualifications to do other jobs. Not all have been so lucky. Many forget about them (the country) and many of them (HGV drivers) lost everything. Some of them are still figuring out how to get back on track.

To those who are still on the rough patch, for taxpayers money our government is sending letters (to HGV licence holders) asking them to go back to their original job to help the country in need.

Does the country help them when they need help the most?

People, who before the pandemic, until now, were able, and still are with that same employer shall be feeling privileged.

It’s easy to forget about people. They (people) don’t forget.

Don’t expect right now, that those who managed to fit into the new jobs will throw everything that they work so hard for only because the country is in the need of them, again.

This +1 majority voted to get rid of immigrants who have been using open borders to help this country moving suddenly figuring out that we still need them.

Treating them like dogs, offering short term visas as it suits this country, not them, just to fulfil the needs of this country, not theirs. Then, ready to kick them day after Christmas Eve, without the word “thank you for your service” but like an unwanted present on boxing day with a sticker “get back to your own country”.

Now, there are those, who have been shouting years back, that “they coming here and taking our jobs”. Now, those same people shouting that “they don’t want to come here and take our jobs” (as HGV drivers). What a pathetic nation we are.

We do not even know how to learn from our own mistakes. Like other countries (Poland) closing their borders to do not let people in need, forgetting that they own everything that they have to the other countries that helped in the past. British people easily forget and create their wind-rush scandals, again and again, separating families only because half of them haven’t done the right paperwork on time.

We shall be ashamed of ourselves. We are not a gold island, we are all one. We are just a part of the whole world.

There is no climate crisis in just the United Kingdom, there is a climate crisis whole over the world.

The borders are made by humans, but we are all “one”, let’s don’t forget about that.

If we need help, let’s think if we do all things right so we deserve to receive it. If we did, we will see how a helping hand is reaching us.

Do you see that hand…?

Let’s cherish what we have and be respectful to each other at first.

We are a nation of multi-cultures but if we will work together, we can be “one nation”. Doesn’t matter of skin colour, gender or excellence in voyaging of our mutual language.

We can do this. We can do everything, it’s just up to that if we are ready for that.

Like somebody brave said: “HGV drivers are for life, not just for Christmas”.