From WordPress lover to WordPress hater

Since I migrated my personal blog to Hugo, I dusted off my knowledge for HTML and CSS. It’s like been back in 2008, with some extra magic available.

When WordPress starts been popular, I been using it on every project. Luckily, that’s not a case anymore.

WordPress is a great tool, you cannot not say it. However, the development of the site is a pain (unless you got a staging environment). It requires you to be constantly on guard. You need to been on top of new releases, changes in script and its plugins. You need to make sure your website is running smoothly, all components working each day, keep your fingers crossed, to do not be hacked.

Problem is starting, when you look on it from the side of JamStack user and environmentalist (which I am not, but trying to do my bit to save the planet).

WordPress requires a lot of resources, and that’s bad for our wallet, as when our website grows, then we need to start spending more. Increase need of processing power, memory, storage, and in result energy is not good for our environment as well.

When sites used to be written in “notepad”, in HTML, all been simple. Growing popularity of Jamstack in making websites bringing this simplicity back to the internet.

The change is on the horizon, and even Wordpress lovers see that, discussing recently about WordCamp sponsors who, despite sponsoring them, demoting the use of Wordpress. How’s ironic!

How easy would be if WordPress could offer back end as we know, but the front end generated statically? This will bring evolution to WordPress and cuts its impact on the environment (of course you can use plugin for that, but that’s not that same).

My hate to WordPress start growing slowly. Yours, as an WordPress user, may grow even slower, but at some point you may see the pain of been tightened to the solution, that is ripping a hole in your pocket (and in the environment), unless some drastic change will be pushed forward.