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After reading today’s Guardian post about Twitter abruptly dissolves safety council moments before meeting followed by continuously growing hate speech on the platform I decided that I got enough.

Recently, at work, we have faced an issue where we want to resurrect one of the old Excel files and we found out that, when a file on its own can be opened without any problem, some options, like Workbook Structure or individual Sheets been protected with a password.

The problem was that the person, who initially create the file, was no longer with the company and nobody knew what password was used. As we were able to open the file on its own, as it wasn’t protected, knowing about how XLSX files are constructed, I decided to use the brute method to remove restrictions.

Here’s how it goes…

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Adding copyright information for images on Hugo based website
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As you are aware, when you create your post with images and publish them on your website, sooner or later they will appear on Google.

Your article will land in Search Results and images will be shown in Google Images.

Sometimes you are taking a lot of effort into your images and restricting their use by providing specific disclaimers or copyright information on your website.

The problem is that Google does not always know that and when you search for an image, that is sourced from your website, the image may be copyright restricted.

The user, who is searching through, will not know that as well and he may come into trouble. This may result in a fine that may need to be paid to the rightful owner.

A short story about life
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We are living in a world that feeds us and looks after us but also kills us.

The air that we breathe gives us life and the same air is killing us slowly.

We destroying our planet so it can destroy us much quicker.

We are like viruses and mother Earth is creating new things to kill us. It needs to kill us so we don’t kill her first.

The only thing you need to do is to try...
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Someone said, “the only thing you need to do is to try”.
What I would add from myself is to “put a whole heart” into your “try”.

From this perspective, you can achieve wonderful things, but there is one problem with it. You need to find the other end to give you this opportunity to “try”.

Installing Windows 11 in UTM on macOS and Apple Mac M1
Read Time5 min.

In a searching for Windows 11 designated to arm64 based processors, (like Apple M1 and newer) I found, on UUP Dump, a version Windows 11 arm64, which was marked as designed for Retail. I decided to try to install it in UTM on macOS and my MacBook Air with M1.

Where Helpful Content Update did not do as much, Core update did!
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When Google is releasing their search engine updates, there is always a lot of action and a lot of discussions around. Everybody is looking for the impact of the update on their website and position in search engines.

By the end of August 2022, Google comes with a Helpful Content Update (HCU). This highly appreciated (by content creators) update suppose to penalise low-content websites and those generated by AI. I have been happy about it and knew, that none of my websites will be affected, and I was right!

AirDrop - don't be open like a book
Read Time2 min.

Privacy in recent years is something that everybody is talking about. Some companies undersell their own devices just to gain the information that they will harvest. The others say it aloud that they put privacy on the pedestal, and that includes their devices. This is Apple.

Even if you decided to move away from devices and companies that violate your rights and decided to buy an iPhone, remember, that in the whole of this the weakest link, the hole in a privacy matter is you!

How to disable read receipt requests widely for senders from outside organizations in Microsoft 365
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Privacy is the key and it’s not only in our private life but also in business. If you using Gmail (Google Workplace) for your business, something called read receipt is an odd thing.

Many businesses however are using solutions from Microsoft called Microsoft 365 Business (in various plans).

Microsoft, in their subscription service, provides a lot of useful functionalities, but there are some functions, that are heading back to times when Microsoft Outlook started gaining popularity (Microsoft Office 97).

Through these functionalities there was one, requesting a receipt sent back to the sender when the recipient read an email.

How's Brexit going lads?
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It was all about immigration. It was all about controlling our borders.

bollocks, bollocks, bollocks…

How is it going brexiteers when you need cheap labour for simple jobs and you will not get away with a ÂŁ10 per hour rate?