A day from a life as a Quality Manager

Recently I found myself in an interesting situation at work.

I have been sitting comfortably on my office chair, slightly distanced from my desk, empty-looking on the computer screen that doesn’t display anything apart of my desktop with icons.

A bright observer from the “outside” can say that I am not doing anything, wasting time or even pretending I’m working. In reality, I got a brainstorm and debate with myself on how to do this and that.

This is how sometimes a job of Quality Manager looks like.

Some people will argue, that QM is not doing anything but earning more than them.

The others will say that if QM can do things quickly, so why not pass him other jobs? He doesn’t have enough to do, or he got too much free time let’s fill this for him.

When you are at that stage, then you learned for years to do a thing in an hour rather than eight, you know, to don’t bother with what others saying and keep doing your job.

Recently I read a quote, “Because I can do a thing in one hour, that will take couple hours by another person, that doesn’t mean that I shall be paid for one hour. I learned years to be able to do this thing in an hour and these years deserve appropriate pay”.

If they complain? Well, I will be happy to take a part in a discussion, or even go with them through my day and see if they will be able to keep the pace.

Been in a job for some time, you are thinking about what you already know and plan/making ideas for the future.

An auditor of Quality Management System will say, that when you are sitting on your chair and having an imaginary meeting with yourself (those others will not appreciate), these are the moments of building “Opportunities for Improvement”.

If you respect what you are doing at work, and always giving a heart, you know when you can let yourself work at 75% speed and when needed to jump into 125% of your capability.

By the way. The 75% is still way above 100% of the ordinary person who thinks, that he could jump into your shoes and do almost “nothing” every day.